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Issue 2: Good Things We Learn From Plants (First Printing) + shirley Shirley SHIRLEY! CD

$20.50 / On Sale

For a limited time, Good Things collaborates with Nico Georis to share the inexplicable sonic magic of plants. Package includes one copy of a "shirley Shirley SHIRLEY!" CD and a first printing of "Good Things We Learn from Plants"—so that humans can listen to demonstrations of generative plant music while they read about the process of eliciting it. Individual project descriptions below. Learn more about this collaboration at goodthingsmag.com.


"shirley Shirley SHIRLEY!" is an ambient plant-generated music album sonically translated and produced by Nico Georis. Using Data Garden's MIDI Sprout technology, Georis recorded the biofeedback of his various houseplants—Shirley, Roberta, and Scooter (among others) to demonstrate the sound of plants "that is both therapeutic and profound." From their leaves, "various electric fluctuations are translated into an ongoing flow of musical parameters which can then be run into various synthesizers to produce sound."

Run of 10. Plastic sleeve packaged.


"Good Things We Learn from Plants" is a print documentarium that explores plants through diverse viewpoints and formats including articles, essays, poems, illustrations and photographs by Victoria Stöcker and contributors. Readers may learn about space gardening, the world's tallest trees, native flora, a mobile greenhouse and plant music.

This first printing has a double-printed page 50. This discounted edition comes with a loose inserted replacement page.

Run of 300. 8.5" x 8.5", perfect binding, printed on 80 lb. matte paper.